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About The Company


What is Khemenu Ankh Publications ("Khemenu Ankh")?

Khemenu Ankh is a publications and media distribution company that values education and is dedicated to distributing literature, music, film, other educational media (e.g. toys and games), and cultural items (e.g. apparel, jewelry, artisanry). Khemenu Ankh carries a product line that includes traditional, as well as digital, media. Its catalogs include books, cds, dvds, ebooks, digital music, digital video, toys and learning media, as well as apparel and other accessories.

Why the name?

In ancient Egypt, there was a city devoted to the Egyptian god of wisdom and learning. This god was credited with all works of science, religion, philosophy, and magic, and was the patron of Egyptian scribes. His name was Tehuti (alternately represented by an Ibis, a man wearing an Ibis mask, or a baboon) and the city was called Khemenu, meaning "eight-town".

Khemenu was named after the Egyptian Ogdoad, a group of eight primordial gods who represented the world before creation, in which the ancient Egyptians believed Tehuti played a major role. He was one of the most important figures in the ancient Egyptian pantheon and his main center of worship was the city of Khemenu. Later called Hermopolis by the Greeks, the city was renamed after their own god Hermes Trismegistus, whom they associated with Tehuti.

In the ancient Egyptian language, the word "ankh" means life and its hieroglyphic ideogram is known as the "key of life". It was often drawn in the hand of a god or goddess as he or she held it up to the nose of rulers, priests, and / or initiates, representing "the breath of life" in man.

The name "Khemenu Ankh", therefore, represents the life of the great city of wisdom and the key to the grand arena of learning. Khemenu Ankh Publications, through its name, invites all to "sit at the feet" of the world's educators, both past and present, and explore their work, no matter how big or small, be it published as literature, music, film, or any other media.

What is Khemenu Ankh's official tagline? Why?

"Do not be arrogant because of your knowledge, but confer with the ignorant man as with the learned. For knowledge has no limits, and none has yet achieved perfection in it." - Ptah Hotep c.2500 BCE

One of the many maxims found in the Instructions of Ptah Hotep, this particular quote embodies a number of principles that we, at Khemenu Ankh, are firmly rooted in. These principles are themselves rooted in the value of education.

First, it demands humility. Second, it states that because knowledge is infinite and no one has learned all there is to learn, one should never overlook an opportunity to learn by undermining the value of another's knowledge. This quote embodies the idea that we should indiscriminately seek knowledge "to the ends of the earth" because no one person (and by extension no culture or living thing) has a monopoly on knowledge. It expresses the idea that we can learn something from anything and everything; anyone and everyone; any situation and every situation.

Khemenu Ankh recognizes that different people have different preferences, styles, or modalities of learning and its approach is a holistic one. Therefore, Khemenu Ankh's catalogs include products for the kinesthetic, auditory, visual, as well as the tactile learner.

Khemenu Ankh's music and film catalogs are held to the same standards as its literature, and they are selected to compliment the books that form its literary catalog. Likewise, Khemenu Ankh's selection of games and toys, along with the other items it distributes, are also held to the highest standard.

What is Khemenu Ankh looking to achieve?

Ancient Egypt contributed many of the world's first literary works, in all fields of human knowledge, from religion and philosophy to science and mathematics. It was a haven for ancient philosophers and students who traveled long distances to visit its libraries and learn from its teachers. The reach of ancient Egypt's literary achievements has spanned continents as well as time, and Khemenu Ankh aspires to do the same.

Khemenu Ankh looks to share its passion for learning and to generate the same appreciation it has for education throughout the world. Toward these ends, it is dedicated to distributing a well-rounded variety of quality educational products and creating constructive dialogue around the limitless subject of knowledge.

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